Workshop: Hybrid DNA Isolation Lab

Mittwoch 2. Juni 2021 ab 16 Uhr: Adam Zaretsky, Hybrid DNA Isolation Lab: plants, mushrooms, humans, others – let’s mix it all up! (oder auch: wir basteln uns einen Basilisk)

Adam Zaretsky leads a hands-on lab entitled: ‘How to Extract DNA from Anything Living in the Laboratory or in your Kitchen: A Compare and Contrast Laboratory and Hobbyist Workshop’. It will include a bio-political discussion on the difference between food and biotech sampling, with a risk assessment of intentional release ‘utilisation’ of Hybrid DNA.

The goal of this lab is to create an open-ended interface between life and the arts. To keep all expressive options dilated, the focus is not on the logic of the biologic. Instead, our cultural relationships to the world of life are exposed in their contradictory and slippery illogics. The interfaces between human society and the ecosphere are identified, rethought and collaged together to form signs of definitional breakdown. Consider the categories for whom should be treated to artistic xenophilia: Food, Nature, the Laboratory, Our Bodies and other non-humans. By defining where and how we interface with all lifeforms and by mixing these logics into art media instead of fact production, we arrive at unusual conceptual re-evaluations… towards a kinship with biodiversity and general life as complex for appreciation.

16 Uhr: Treffpunkt im symbiont, Einführung
17 Uhr: Shopping trip (Wettsteinplatzmarkt, Asiashop etc.)
18 Uhr: DNA Isolation, hybridisation, explanation
afterwards: hybrid cocktails lab courtesy of symbiont

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