an experimental art space for unusual and alien epistemologies
for entanglements of digital and analogue, arts, brains and crafts
Process, not product orientated. Research, not result focused

 - - - bio-hacking ** crypto-clubbing ** proto-typing - - -
 - - - xenology, hybrids, all things inter/trans/para - - -

exhibitions, workshops, screenings, talks, debates:
confronting science and tech with artistic means of understanding, generating knowledge and telling stories.

There is not one common sense, there are many. Nor is there one way of knowing, science; there are many such ways, and before they were ruined by Western civilization they were effective in the sense that they kept people alive and made their existence comprehensible.

Paul Feyerabend, Killing Time
(only that, as we will try to prove – Western civilization was not entirely successful in ruining them)

this will have to be a real symbiont or it won’t be able to thrive – collaborations are planned with local and international artist groups, cultural as well as scientific institutions and hacker spaces: hackteria, Haus für elektronische Künste HEK, EPFL, Digitale Gesellschaft, Blasphemic reading soirées, Avenue Magazin…

curated by Roland Fischer

thanks for the support!