Finissage Knotweed Xenophobia

16.05. 16:05 – Film und Drinks (special, of course: Bloody Mary)

Killer Tomatoes! Wir zeigen den Kultklassiker zur Finissage von Knotweed Xenophobia! Hat jemand gesagt Pflanzen seien harmlos?

In 1954, the Japanese company [Toho Studios] introduced the world to Godzilla, a city-smashing reptile who has starred in more than two dozen movies (and counting). To ride Godzilla’s massive coattails, Toho unleashed an onslaught of creature features—the strangest of which might be 1963’s Matango. A twisted survival tale, it’s about five people who get shipwrecked on an island that’s dotted with radioactive mushrooms. Eat one, our heroes learn, and you’ll be transformed into a violent humanoid fungus.

Matango never saw a theatrical release in the U.S., but a dubbed version of the film was broadcast on American television every so often under a different name: Attack of the Mushroom People. One night, a San Diego high school student named Costa Dillon caught the flick on TV, and that ridiculous title struck a chord.

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